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CSA Certification
CSA LogoCSA International test products for compliance to national and international standards,and issue certification marks for qualified products. Certification marks tellpotential customers and users that a product has been evaluated by a formal process-involving examination, testing and follow-up inspection-and that it complies with applicable standards for safety and performance.
CSA marks enjoy acceptance among major retailers, manufacturers, distributors,specifiers, and regulators throughout the U.S., Canada and in exportmarkets around the world.
CSA International is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) accredited by OSHA and ANSI in the U.S. and by SCC in Canada. CSA International can test and certify your products following standardized test protocols-in laboratories across North America.

Underwriter’s laboratories (UL) Certification
UL LogoUL issues inspection certificates for systems by inspecting system components and checking completed installations. Installations are required to comply with UL's internationally recognized Standards for lightning protection systems. Manufacturers, suppliers and installers demonstrate their commitment to safety by building, selling and installing only those lightning protection products that pass UL's rigorous testing.

Specifying systems carrying a UL Certificate prevents loss
Some manufacturers and installers simply independently declare that their lightning protection systems comply with national standards, making it difficult to determine if systems are truly compliant, properly installed or perform as claimed. Purchasing a lightning protection system carrying a UL Lightning Protection Inspection Certificate:

  • Minimizes the risk of significant property damage caused by lightning strikes.
  • Helps protect your investment from liability, downtime and loss of business in the event of lightning damage.
  • Gives you peace of mind that your UL-certificated lightning protection system has been rigorously tested to provide maximum protection for building exteriors and interiors - including electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to safety to insurers, local inspectors and commercial tenants.
  • Provides you with tools to make informed choices when selecting equipment and an installer.

All Hydrosun Ballasts and Reflectors are CSA and UL approved.